Gregor Salto & Dr. Kucho - Macamba
Label: G-Doctor Records / Go with the Chus & Penn remix.

David Lara - Black Rules
Label: Distinto Recordings / Mildly similar to "Seduction" but more driving. Easily on a C&C playlist.

Antoine Clamaran pres. Different Drums - Noise / I Feel Love
Label: Sondos / Noise is friggin unbelievable. Big room wow.

Wally lopez feat. Beatmaster G - Do You Wanna Dance With Me
Label: La Factoria / Minimal (IMO, for Lopez). Original mix: Think hot, thick air and sweaty dancing bodies. Drips sex.

Quivver/Blackwatch - Loveless
Label: Boz Boz / Go with the "05 Edit". Quivver's take on this track is impressive.

Katcha - Touched by God 2005
Label: Release / Peace Division mix is where it's at. Congrats to the boys on Yonge Street!

Chanel - My Life
Label: Oxyd Italy / Been liking Oxyd for a long while now. Ditch the vocals and drop the Haji & Emanuel instrumental.

ATB - Let U Go (reworked)
Label: Kontor Germany / ATB's 2001 hit remixed into the current electro sound. "Tocadisco Doesn't Give A Rats Ass" remix is interesing enough to check out.

Joy Marquez - Mexican Raices
Label: RPO Traxx / Great new track true to the dark, tribal RPO sound. Both mixes are good.

List courtesy of 2HP.ca Radio

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